Integrated Solution Employment Services offers timely, efficient and cost effective recruitment solutions. Our extensive experience with both Public and Private sectors ensure we can tailor our services to suit Employer's needs at any point in time, considering market and industry conditions.

Our Specialty

We have built our services around your needs, whether you are a small, medium or large organization, a candidate, a public institution, a private family business, we understand your Human Capital and Leadership Development Investments requirements, and our services help you get there faster at the right cost.

Executive Search
Executive Search

We offer this service for direct hires where candidates are employed and sponsored by the client, can be both for limited on unlimited duration, on consultancy basis, or on assignments and special projects.

This service is commonly known as Head Hunting. Knowing the regional and international pool of talent by industry helps us place in your organization the right executive; thus closing your recruitment targets faster and getting your leadership in place to steer for growth.

We cover the breadth of industries mentioned below across all our services. However it suits your company needs at a certain point in time, we have the right value proposition to get you there.


Whether your business is small, medium or large, we help you operate more efficiently by injecting the right hires at the right price point. We find the right candidate at the right seniority level and then negotiate packages & benefits.

Bulk Manpower Recruitment

Bulk recruitment can be a real hassle, adding costs, complicating back office structures and creating layers after layers of bureaucracy to control the process, we aim to simplify the whole process for you and take all this headache away replacing it with a pain free, flowing service where our client gets all the manpower required, in budget and on time; We handle everything else.

I am a Candidate

  • I need to develop my leadership skills …
  • I want to change my career or find a new challenge …
  • I am looking for stability … Need a full time job
  • I need to relocate …
  • I am looking for flexibility … A part-time or temporary placement
All these questions and much more are driving us human to think, move and act. We at Integrated Solution Employment Services understand and can be there to guide you through it.

Changing your career or your organization is not an easy task. Not knowing where to go next or what role to accept can be stressful and add pressure to every day life. We at Integrated Solution Employment Services understand these worries and assign a consultant to support you in moving or taking up the right job looking at the offers you got.

Our consultants have a direct and personal contact with decision makers across the industries we cover. This allows us to work with you on the right role and compensation. We give candid feedback about packages; market conditions and we promote good employers and great organizations to work for.

If at any point in time we think an organization is not suitable for your career needs we will not recommend it, and that gives us the leverage against our competitors. We seek long-term relationship with both clients and candidates, thus giving you an open and honest feedback helps us build trust with you and grow with you as years go by.


Are you looking for a trusted partner to move your load from in-house recruitment to an external provider? It enables you to focus on Strategic Human Resources processes and at crisis times, it is imperative to reach out to an expert who does exactly that day in day out. We will assume ownership for the design and management of the recruitment process and be accountable for the results.
Human Capital is the most expensive asset of any company, choosing your partner carefully ensures your company is safe, effective and focused on growth.

Payroll Services

The number one driver for outsourcing your payroll services is Confidentiality. Whereas employee details, salaries and benefits are often times at risk of being divulged accidently and unintentionally, outsourcing this process to a reliable provider means hassle free operations.

Our solutions are online based, user-friendly, mirroring your business specific operation securely and compliantly.

Leadership and Talent Management

Building a talent-rich organization takes years of hard work with your workforce, investing time and money to get all levels aligned to your business goals and strategies. We can help you on your mission.

Our consultants are Ex C-Suite level with domain expertise in Human Resources, Strategy, Operation Excellence and Sales & Commercial plans. Yet our sweet spot is our ability to work you’re your teams on accepting strategic changes, facilitating board meetings successfully and coaching managers to grow specific industry lines.

Management Skills Assessment:

Assessing your bench’s management skills requires a set of tools and expertise. Many companies offer this service using one or two dimensions of assessment tools … This generally does give you visibility on your leaders, but the real added value is when a consultant takes all these dimensions and generates a personalized and detailed report on every individual leader connecting a multitude of dimensions: Self-Awareness, Managing others, their Beliefs and Values and how they use these in a business environment, Motivation, Ability to manage Diversity, their capacity to interchange between Strategic thinking and Tactical Execution. Only consultants with previous senior leadership roles can understand these values and analyze them to give you a workable plan to be included in their goal settings at yearly performance appraisals. Our consultants at Integrated Solution Employment Services can manage all these steps for you up until the growth targets of each leader are internalized in your systems.

Talent Engagement and potential assessment:

Steering your organization to growth is your C-Suite and investors daily chore, yet what gets any company around the world where it wants to be is her Human Capital. Are your teams engaged? Does your team feel the company success would reflect on their individual success? Do they come in every morning giving it their best potential on every level? Many companies suffer through motivational messages not flowing to the bottom of the organization, rightfully your toughest mission as leaders is getting them all to understand the Why, the How and the When and making sure they are driven day in day out. Our consultants will assess your teams using the right Survey tool, understand the Key drivers of engagement for your specific company and communicate to your leadership the right actions involved to maximize the benefit of your investment.

Succession Risk Assessment:

This risk assessment is key to ensuring an organization can continue to meet customer and market demands despite any turnover in key employees or critical leadership roles.

Our consultants will help you mitigate these risks and be prepared to fill those gaps seamlessly minimizing the period of time when the role is vacant. Also new types of critical roles will be created to manage those risks. Building a pool of people with potential, creating SWAT teams that are experienced in various products - Industries, are some of the initiatives we help you design and execute.

C-Suite Succession Planning:

All forward thinking organizations are actively planning their C-Suite Succession strategy. If you are not sure you have the “ready now” internal candidates to replace planned and unplanned key leaders exits, get in touch with our consultants, they have years of experience in assessing your talents, and identifying unexploited resources, it doesn’t just involve choosing who will move up in the ranks, it entails setting up stretched projects, training programs, cross fertilizing, and coaching.

Communication Strategy:

How many companies can you list in a matter of seconds with employees unable to explain their value proposition, let alone feeling, living and breathing the brand?

Flaws and market position losses start at the top of the communication pyramid, messages from the top trickle down weak in to the mass employee structure because the message has not been studied carefully to include personal leadership style, a reflection on deep meaning of words selected, a reflection of feelings to communicate not only to the mind but to the heart of the mass population in your organization, using open and closed questions, attending to the disbelief behavioral reactions.

So much more than what most leaders use communication for is to be unearthed and we have what a takes from tools to coaches to partner with you on your communication journey.

Strategic Alignment:

Forbes survey shows these statistics: "65% of organizations have an agreed-upon strategy. 14% of employees understand the organization’s strategy. Less than 10% of all organizations successfully execute the strategy."[…]

The missing piece according to this study is Alignment. The message from the top of the org chart can mutate as it cascades down through various layers of management, losing coherence at each level.

The workforce may be unaware of the factors that can create misalignments, even as they unconsciously participate in generating them.

We can help you define what matters most to your company and create with you a roadmap to achieve your purpose and strategic vision, we will run planning sessions, reassess your current mission & vision, and involve your teams and make each of one you accountable and partner of the success.